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Web Typography
Johann Sparkling 96pt

Where to find... further reading

The New Typography (1928, reprinted 1998)
Jan Tschichold
A practical and comprehensive typographic handbook by one of the most important typographic craftsmen of the twentieth century. A must for anyone serious about typographic excellence in any medium.
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Stop Stealing Sheep (& find out how type really works) (1993)
Erik Spiekermann
Enthusiastic and empassioned discussions of how and why type can be easy to use and, in the right hands, a powerful communications tool. Timeless.
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The Elements of Typographic Style (1997)
Robert Bringhurst
Rich and broad discussion of how to design well with type, from picking typefaces to achieving visual rhythm and proportion, and designing printed pages.
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Beyond the Mac is not a Typewriter (1996)
Robin Williams
A good, enthusiastic and accessible introduction to typographic use. Aimed at the beginner looking for ways to improve their work rather than being meant for experienced typographers.
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Where to find... discussions:

Tutorials and editorial on different aspects of Web design.

Discussion of common Web design misconceptions.

Where to find... good examples:

Excellent creative use of type and graphics.

Good, clean use of type, and a sensitive approach to spatial layout.

Where to find... software:

Home of SoftPress Freeway, downloadable demo available.

Home of Adobe GoLive, downloadable demo available.